Teaching the fourth “R”- a real world understanding of everyday economics.

Given that resources are finite, our mission is to give Massachusetts students an economic framework for decision-making and thought. By having a solid understanding of personal finance and real-world economics,our children will be equipped with the real life skills they need to become responsible consumers, smart savers, educated investors, informed citizens, and productive members of the global workforce.

Focusing on teachers is key:  one teacher will reach hundreds of students.  Through our Centers for Economic Education and the Teachers Advisory Committee, we offer professional development programs to teachers throughout the state with the goal of making them competent and confident in economics and personal finance.

MCEE's student competitions take classroom learning to the next level.  We create an environment of enthusiasm and excitement as our students demonstrate their knowledge of economics and participate in the sport of academics.


Be the “go to” organization in the state for teacher training and access to quality resources, national assessment tools and networking opportunities for sharing best practices and advocacy.