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The Economics of Jim Crow – Engaging students in the African American greenbooks through Jigsaw

In 1936, an African American mailman living in New York City published the first ever Negro Motorist Green Book.  The book was a guide for traveling in the Jim Crow Era. The collection of Green Books are an invaluable primary source for unlocking a deeper understanding of the African American story in US History, as well as the social, political, and economic effects of Jim Crow laws in America. In this workshop, we will examine the Green Books, analyze a  teacher developed lesson plan around this primary source.

Presenter: Jatera Simmons
Jatera Simmons is currently in her 9th year teaching. She began teaching US History in 2009 at the Bronx Latin School. She has contributed to the New Visions Teacher Advisory Board for two years. She currently teaches Global history and is the leader of the Social Studies Department.