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Blowing a Bubble: U.S. Housing 2000-2008

It is said that the financial crisis of 2008 shared similar characteristics to previous economic crises. However, to the surprise of many was the fact that the roots of the 2008 crisis stemmed from what was traditionally seen as a solid investment market; American housing. This webinar will examine the rapid growth of the U.S. housing market between 2000 - 2008. Attendees will learn of the rise of home ownership, residential construction, sub-prime lending, as well as the relationship forged between main street commercial banks and Wall Street investment banks. Content and Teacher Resources will be made available to all attendees

Presenter: Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan teaches Financial Literacy at Marlboro High School (NJ). Additionally, he teaches 12th Grade Economics  at a district run alternative school, the RAISE Academy. In 2017, Kevin joined the Council for Economic Education Master Teacher Program in which he facilitates teacher professional development workshops on behalf of the Council for Economic Education in New York, and the New Jersey Council for Economic Education.