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Find the Perfect NGPF Content to Supplement Your Lessons

“What’s the difference between a ‘Data Crunch’ and a ‘Fine Print?'”

“I like my regular curriculum, but I’ve heard your activities are amazing. How do I find those?”

“What do you have that will make my day-to-day teaching life just plain easier? Bell ringers? Exit tickets?”

If you look at the “Curriculum” tab of our website and wonder, “Where do I start?” this webinar is for you. We will provide an overview of each of our curriculum “products,” suggestions on when and how to implement them, and recommendations for the “Best Of” in each category.

Attend this webinar and you WILL:
(1) Get a great introduction to NGPF activities, projects, case studies, and more…
(2) Receive recommendations for which resources to use and how to implement them easily in your classroom
(3) Be able to ask real-time questions
(4) Receive a certificate for one hour of professional development credit.

Space is limited so please register for this webinar today.